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Providing a team of skilled technicians for large telematics deployments in North America. Fully managed, on-site quality control.

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Professional Presence, Great Results

In addition to being low-voltage experts, our uniformed technicians are trained in positive and professional corporate communication, providing constant updates throughout the deployment process which leads to increased trust and peace of mind for fleet managers and all other stakeholders. Are you ready for your clients to experience a consistently higher level of professionalism with their hardware integrators?

Experience and Service

Titan Voltage has successfully deployed complex gps and ELD solutions in heavy and light duty assets in fleets of all sizes. We specialize in large deployments. Rather than having many technicians across the states, we deploy a few trusted and capable teams that arrive on site uniformed, with proper PPE, prepared to get the job done correctly and accurately the first time. We refer to the quality of our services as "High Standard Low-Voltage". We handle all scheduling and coordination. If you are a telematics provider with a high-profile deployment who needs a trusted integration partner, or if you are a fleet manager responsible for coordinating an installation, let's see how we can work together for a great deployment.